SLCAlliance Workshop



SLCAlliance Workshop on the Revision of the S-LCA Guidelines


We are glad to announce that an SLCAlliance workshop will be held on September 12-14th at the University of G. D’Annunzio in Pescara Italy,  back–to-back with the 6th International S-LCA Seminar! The workshop will focus on the revision of the S-LCA Guidelines, providing a unique opportunity for a face-to-face meeting for members of the S-LCA community involved – or wanting to get involved – in the update of the 2009 UNEP-SETAC Guidelines. All contributors are welcome! The work will focus on discussing and building upon the first revised draft, which is currently being developed by colleagues in the community.


Download the  Agenda_Pescara_Workshop_Sept_2018


Registration process:

To register for the S-LCA Alliance Workshop, please send an email to

The cost for the workshop is estimated to be approximately 100 Euros. This amount will cover food expenses (two lunches, one dinner and coffee breaks).

This amount will be payable in cash during the first day of the 6th Seminar, or on September 12th at 2:30pm.



University of G. D’Annunzio in Pescara is kindly offering its meeting rooms for the workshop. Exact location will be communicated in the coming months.


If you wish to get involved now in the Guidelines revision process (as a drafter or reviser), please contact Sara Russo Garrido (