Young Researcher Award

During the 6th International Conference on Social Life Cycle Assessment a young researcher will be awarded for exceptional achievements in the field of Social Life Cycle Assessment. The award wants to recognize exceptional researchers for their outstanding achievements, for example, an extraordinary Ph.D. thesis that provides a significant contribution to S-LCA development and implementation. 

This award is for one individual researcher or a group


Eligibility requirements:

              Nominee must show a demonstrable outstanding contribution to the field of S-LCA 

              Nominee should be younger than 35 years at the time of nomination

              Self nominations or nominations by others are welcome

              Applications must be submitted until 15 February 2018 by email to– no applications by post or fax will be accepted 

Required documents: ​

  • The candidate research (e.g. paper, PhD thesis, etc.)
  • A letter outlining the eligibility of the nominee for the award
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • A supporting letter explaining why the candidate should be considered for the award and outlining the achieved results.


The curriculum vitae and letter should be a maximum of six pages. Sufficient information should be provided to facilitate an objective evaluation of the nominees, hence evidence of the attributes of the nominee and the conduct of activities embracing the elements of the award shown above must be provided. 


Document instructions:

              Send all files as a single zip file of separate Word documents or as a single .pdf file

              The application packet must contains all of the requested materials to be considered for the award

              The title of the documents must include the nominee’s name – last name, first name, name of material


Selection Process (in chronological order):

   1          Nominations will be evaluated independently by a sub-committee of the S-LCA Conference Scientific Committee

   2          The full committee will discuss the outcome to determine the recipient

   3          The successful nominee will be informed of the decision by mid May 2018

   4          All other applicants will be informed afterwards


The awarded will have one free registration fee (including light lunch, coffee break, Proceedings book)